Our Italian Adventure In 5 Cinematic Minutes.

After days of driving south from Cambridge, MA, we dropped our cat and our car, with loving caretakers, and took two carry-on suitcases to the airport. Our adventure abroad would take us through the entire summer and four countries. What a strange experience to spend a a full season away from home. Even the home changed: from comfortable Cambridge to unfamiliar, to me, Texas. More to come on that.

Over the summer we managed to take more than 8000 pictures: a combination of digital, film, and cellphone. With our Nikon 1,  I discovered a setting that takes a series of photos at one click, creating a natural cinematic effect as you look back at them. This feature led to the creation of the video below, which Alex quickly put together during the first jet lagged days of our return. 

Through this edited, animated clip you can watch as we explore Rome, Florence, Ravenna, and Venice. How many masterpieces can you spot?!

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