Excited About Contemporary/Collage Art.

Thinking back to a work of art that I was so very lucky to see in Boston last year. The artist is Christian Marclay and the work is The Clock. I've written about it here and Alex walks you through our memorable experience seeing Marclay's 24 hour film at the Boston MFA.

This clip features a bit from Picnic at Hanging Rock.  

Seeing The Clock (several times) was one of my top art experiences. It's unlikely that I will ever forget it. I recently came across this fantastic article from the New Yorker which I think is well worth reading, even if it is twelve pages. You get a real sense of Marclay's personality, his history, his work ethic, and if you ever wondered how exactly he edited together, visually and sonically, thousands of film clips to make one continuous 24 hour film that tracks each minute of the day, this is your chance. It's an inspiring read for those of us that are interested in how things are made, from concept through problem solving during the process. I dream of seeing this again, but for now I will happily settle for the piece currently on display at the Menil, as part of the Silence exhibition, and of course I look forward to seeing those Japanese scrolls, and whatever else Marclay is working on.

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