La Bamba Makes Me Cry: Fall Inspirations.

For the first time since high school, I have cable TV. This is great news for my current insomnia, induced by the too quiet streets and the possibility of lurking bugs and silent killers. Plus we have a lot of catching up to do since we only saw TWO movies all summer. Oh man, were we craving movies in Europe. We did see To Rome With Love, in Florence and The Dictator in Athens. That one, silly, but satisfying, was outside with a view of the Acropolis! It was hard to stay indoors though and we only did so when absolutely forced, by the unrelenting heat, to take a siesta.

La Bamba, (1987) based on the true story of Ritchie Valens, was on last night and so we said yes, let's watch it. Both Alex and I remember watching this (and Overboard) repeatedly when we were 10 or so.

What a tearjerker! There are so many emotional threads especially dealing with family strife; tenuous sibling relationships, Cain and Abel tinged disappointment and competition. Fears, disabled apotropaic devices, and deadly wintery weather eventually mix together in tragedy. That last phone call Ritchie makes to his brother is heartbreaking! Wow. I never realized how much I love family movies.

I also noticed the costumes this time. The 50's style is marvelous! I love those vintage outfits, from the shirt dresses with feminine sweaters to the dark blue jeans rolled up with T-shirts and old man cardigans. Oh and I really want a leather jacket. My dad has a great one, but he said I'll have to wait awhile longer til it's mine. Well, it's still 90 outside, so maybe a leather vest to put over my white T? These, with a little Mexican twist, are the looks inspiring my "fall" wardrobe. Ok. I'm off to mine the thrift stores.

One part Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday...
With cat eyes!
one part Japanese version of American rock n' roll in Mystery Train...

Add a little bit of print and color (Dolce and Gabbana).
AND one part rebel biker style. Yes, I want to dress like Marlon Brando. So?

Around the same time as I was watching this movie in the 80's, my grandfather introduced me to classic country western music which I loved. My absolute favorite was Marty Robbins, especially El Paso. This will be the soundtrack to my southern fall.

Marty Robbins, El Paso, 1964

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