El Bueno, El Mal, y El Feo.

Welcome to my new, very different landscape. Part of my ongoing acclimation process includes heavy doses of:

My dreamboat: the well dressed, dusty mercenary, in the "Dollars Trilogy." In fact almost everyone is these films is well dressed. I can't wait to get my sewing machine here so I can begin my new Western inspired wardrobe.
 Shopping sprees at this celebratory amazingly multi-cultural market (sorry, but this place beats out Market Basket). Fireworks are legal here, they have churros in the bakery section, and a kick-ass chile section.

 This was the first book I read that got me excited about the Southwest, Texas, Mexico. The descriptions of food, clothing, and culture kept me daydreaming for the last seven or eight years. I totally bought this book based on its cover. Isn't it beautiful? I'm a sucker for black and white photos a la Lola Alvarez Bravo or Tina Modotti and the juxtaposition of red and blue.

Frida and the Mirror, Lola Alvarez Bravo, 1942.
Woman of Tehuantepec, Tina Modotti, 1929.

Ever since I read Caramelo I've been wanting a rebozo to wrap around me and save as an heirloom for my children. Reading more from Cisneros thanks to our new library membership.

She's got her teal rebozo on today.

Leaving the drab colors of the north for the vibrant fecundity of perpetual warmth. Here's a room from my future home. There will be palm trees and friendly green lizards outside my window!!

Spending lots of time at the The Menil Collection, one of my very favorite museums. They have an especially exciting schedule this fall coinciding with their current exhibition Silence. There will even be a performance of John Cage's 4'33" later this month. There are nineteen museums within a two mile radius, the latest one is Asia Society. No shortage of great art around here!

As for el mal y el feo. Well, those categories are mostly filled by the large number of tropical insects that lurk around and the hellacious traffic patterns preferred by local residents. Oh and the confusion my body goes through as I move between the sultry, unrelenting heat to the deep freeze air conditioning that is used by every building. I suspect that I will adapt quickly to this in the next few weeks as we transition into "fall," better bicycling and eating weather. I have plans to try every taqueria and cajeta offering in this city. This recipe for San Antonio chocolate cajeta flan cake has been a staple in my recipe box ever since I copied it from a bookstore in that city nearly a decade ago. I swear I was meant to live here even if it is a tough lifestyle change.

Lots to look forward to as long as that earwig keeps his forceps pincers away from me.

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  1. Darling,
    You are a hardy pioneer in this sun-baked land
    and your vote of confidence here brings a tear to my eye.
    Weirdos thrive in Houston, as shall we.