Jorge Ben For Writing Papers

Still dancing to the Brazilian sound as I finish up writing for the semester. This album, which I cannot find anywhere, is my main motivator right now (coffee, chocolate, and sunshine in one package). Please enjoy it with me! 

Jorge Ben, Tropical, 1976

If anyone has a lead on where I can get this on either CD or vinyl, for a reasonable price, I'd be very happy to know.

UPDATE: Record procured! Obrigada!


Brasil 4-Ever

The best thing about this semester has been the work-adventure to Brasil. Even though I'm now in a deep hell pit, two weeks behind schedule on all these papers, I have a million magical memories and no regrets. This clip of live music encapsulates my feelings much better than words or images.

The beginning of the best night in Vila Madalena, São Paulo
We all danced...samba, then salsa, til 4am.

Thanks to SMU for hosting our seminar group in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.