Nobody Can Stop Me While I'm High On Chai, and Ben-Hur.

My TO DO list is long these days. It's always that way when you relocate to a new state. I should know. I'm on my fifth! I started this morning by brewing a strong batch of chai for making iced lattes in the afternoon. I'm on the hunt for an exceptional iced chai latte in my new city, but so far have been quite disappointed in that department. I'm trying to be patient! I did find some good loose leaf Masala Chai at The Path of Tea to which I added black pepper, slices of fresh ginger, cinnamon, and honey for my own brew. Check out this tea blog from Samovar in San Francisco. I was totally lucky to eat there a few years ago. They pair tea with food and it is such a delightful place. Amazing chai by the way. I love that tea gets its rightful place of importance just as coffee, beer, and wine do.

I really wanted to enjoy my best homemade chai with the homemade blondies that we made last night. This combination has, in the past, led to great advancements.

It's a dark, humid, and stormy day here in Texas. I like these kinds of moody days. Especially when I'm productive-happy with my caffeine companions.

My battle cry for today is "Ramming Speed" from William Wyler's 1959 epic Ben-Hur.

I think Judah had my iced chai and blondies beforehand.

I saw this for the first time recently and I absolutely loved it. Especially the scene above. I said if I ever formed a rock band, this guy would be my top pick for drummer. His range may be limited, but he's pretty awesome especially in that leather tunic.

I need to watch more classic epics. Any recommendations? We picked Ben-Hur because it reminded us of our recent trip to Rome. Also because the closest library had it.

The film is set in Ancient Rome and features a chariot race in what is supposed to be Rome's Circus Maximus. We were just there! There's nothing left at all, no ruins, just a huge open space.

Hello from Circus Maximus and the bewitching Palatine Hill, Rome.

Judah Ben-Hur and Messala: rivalry between former best friends.

Ben-Hur (1959) Chariot Race by mariusangol

Circus Maximus track with Palatine Hill in the background. 
Judah and Messala trade out their chariots for a Vespa and make amends.

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  1. The thought of the galley crew having blondies and chai was too much for me. This is a really funny post. Especially the way it ends, with your favorite thing in the world- macho guys getting along like 5-year-olds.