Fra Giocondo's Loggia del Consiglio

Fra Giocondo was born in Verona 1433 and lived until 1515. He was interested in the study of archaelogy and furthering the understanding of Vitruvius' On Architecture. Around 1511 he had written his own edition, complete with illustrations. This would consider a wider audience and allow them to access the writings of Vitruvius.
In 1500 Giocondo began work on the Loggia del Consiglio in Verona. This building points out a variety of differences.
- frescoed exterior
- strong sense of verticality, half column leading up to pilaster, topped with statue
- double window placed above double archway, making an ascending triangular
- complex use of all'antica relief in decoration above above windows
- grotesche on pilasters
- use of capital, but no pier
- shift between columns then pilasters on ground floor
- use of color in Veronese red and black marble
The Loggia is noticeably more colorful and decorative than the cental Italian buildings we've seen in the past. Perceptions of symmetry and design are also innovative.

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