Andrea Palladio

Born in Padua in 1508 (d. 1580), Palladio was trained as a Humanist and a stonecarver. In Vicenza, he won a competetion to remodel the old town hall (basilica), after which it became known as Basilica Palladiana (created 1549-1614). Again we have the challenge of combining an older, nonclassical structure with the sturdier and more modern Classical proportions. Palladio was able to do this by buttressing the old structure wth a double loggia, this worked in two ways: as a support and a smooth transition. Palladio might have been influenced by Sansovino and Serlio, who had some similar illustrations. Also:
- engaged Doric orders on ground floor, Ionic on top
- breaking of entablature forward over columns, creating movement in projecting and recessing
- proportion retained by stretching openings and spaces around building
- tondos and balustrade

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