Roundup: Texas, The Early Years

This is where we moved into our first home, found important work that we enjoy and people, too. In Texas, I became an adult maybe, learned to network, found mentors, and managed to succeed through another round of academic applications while Alex published his first book, impressing artists statewide. We traveled widely around Texas, from one end to the other, and to our neighbors, New Mexico, New Orleans, and Latin America. And of course, probably my favorite thing about this strange land, the food: strong flavors, queso, Topo Chico, fish tacos, spicy everything, and always, pan dulce. Many of these were new to me! Here's to the next several years we've signed up for: in Dallas, the one place we have yet to discover, and where I'll be working toward my PhD.

New in town, October 2012. Exotic flora.

The East End in Houston. Wild colors and Western wear.
Oak Tree canopy on my favorite street. 

My first project at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: Winterhalter and Worth in Hirsch library.
Road trip West, Hill Country/Central Europe of Texas.

Enchanted Rock

San Antonio

Soo Sunny Park at Rice Gallery

Marfa, Texas

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