The Man Without A Past, 2002, Wins My Heart

This summer is magnificent in some ways. Although we don't have glamorous travel plans and the days are sometimes too long, too hot, there are little treats to be had. I've shut off various social media for a refreshing peace which is turning out to be a very nice treat. My museum projects are interesting and intellectually satisfying. Every evening we have a twilight bike ride. Summer rain in Houston is better than anywhere I've ever been. Sometimes there is a magical rain that sprinkles down while the sun is shining and at night the lightning shows are terrific. A gigantic sunflower has sprouted up in our backyard. We have a backyard! 

After tonight's bike ride we made a spicy batch of iced chai, homemade pizza dough, and chocolate chip habañero almond cookies. Oh and we watched this incredible piece of art which made me just so damn happy:

All I want to do is watch films written and made by Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki. There are a million reasons why. Find out for yourself and enjoy.

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