It's Good, Love.

Alone Again Or, Love, 1967.

Today I am infatuated with this song from the 60's and 70's era American band Love. I discovered it whilst absentmindedly watching Bunny and the Bull, an option I've passed on at the video store, but recently became available on Netflix instant gratification.

Directed by Paul King, 2009.

It's not a great film. The plot isn't challenging, innovative or all that interesting. What makes this worth watching are the lovingly expressed minutiae and the fantastic style, which mixes different bits of animation with live action. The director is also responsible for the British comedy television show, The Mighty Boosh. The full length feature feels like a connected series of vignettes similar to this show, which I didn't mind at all. 


  1. A good song for when you've heard "7 And 7 Is" a few too many times and need another one by Love.