ITALY...GREECE...Only In My Dreams, But Not For Long.

Finally, finally after all these years of learning and looking from afar:


RENAISSANCE: Masaccio's Trinity, 1427, Sta Maria Novella, Florence.
RENAISSANCE: Masaccio's Expulsion, 1426, Brancacci Chapel, Sta Maria del Carmine, Florence.

PROTO-RENAISSANCE! Giotto, Virgin and Child Enthroned, 14th c., The Uffizi Gallery, Florence.
BRONZE AGE, MINOAN: Knossos Palace, 1800 BCE, Crete.
MINOAN: Knossos Palace, 1800 BCE, Crete.
RENAISSANCE: Alberti's Sant'Andrea, 15th c., Mantua.

Commitments have been made and for 30 days and 30 nights I will travel back in time to:


This includes works (most in situ!) from the Bronze Age, Antiquity, Byzantium, the Medieval era, the Proto-Renaissance and of course the Renaissance and even more and more! The Vatican, the Uffizi, the monastery at San Marco, the Pantheon, the Parthenon, Knossos Palace, Palladian architecture in Venice, maybe the lady in a red coat! Ah! I hope not!

I'm putting my lists together and planning to have several Stendhal experiences. Is there medicine for that? I need a suitcase full.

RENAISSANCE: Palladio's Redentore, 16th c., Venice.
BYZANTINE: San Vitale, 6th c., Ravenna.
Mosaics! Ravenna.
I can't even express how excited and overwhelmed and thankful I am. To my homeland!

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  1. We will conquer the world! (And take volumes of pictures)