Donato Bramante, 1444-1514.

A brief overview of Bramante's work leading up to the early 16th century.
Bramante, born in Urbino, was trained as a painter. After relocating to Milan, he soon found himself in the architectural world. Both Leonardo da Vinci and Bramante worked for the Sforza family, the former would influence Bramante.

Santa Maria presso San Satiro, Milan.

Some of Bramante's important designs:

Santa Maria presso San Satiro, 1478
-known for its perspectival apse.

Santa Maria della Grazie, 1492
-featuring terra cotta decoration and Leonardo's Last Supper.

Tempietto, Rome.

San Pietro in Montorio (Tempietto), 1502
-this served as a martyrium: featuring a centralized plan and the introduction of the balustrade and Albertian harmony.

Santa Maria della Pace, 1500
-unusual for having columns over voids, an example of Bramante's painterly approach.

Belvedere Court in the Vatican Palace, started 1505

San Pietro in Vaticano, 1506
-commissioned by Pope Julius II, this is a conflation of the centralized Greek cross plan (done under Bramante and Michelangelo) and the longitudinal basilica (by Sangallo, Raphael and Maderno).

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