Storied Past.

I wonder what the cultural context of this ubiquitous shirt could be. What was happening when this was a hot item for a diverse clientele? What does it mean, this lo-fi Paintbrush Heaven with its emphatic underline? When I see it on Divine I think it refers to the connection between placement (bust) and description (amazing). However, I don't get the same idea from Sharon Stone's sweatshirt turtleneck version. 

I got mine in Philadelphia at a thrift shop on South Street about six years ago. I liked it mostly because of the 80's style and the Floridian hues (which is where I'm sporting it in the above snap). But I want to know: who wore it before me? Where? Why were they drawn to it? So many questions.

My interest in thrifting (really, treasure hunting), vintage, and recycled clothing is renewed thanks to my super fun job as costume dame extraordinaire. I love imagining the adventures these cast-offs might have had. If they had none, now is the time. Somerville has a treasure filled Goodwill, in Cambridge, the awesome resource the Garment District and of course, of course: Savers in Roxbury. Maybe the end all in pleasant, organized thrifting. These three are especially rich in well made, preppy New England looks, currently my very favorite look. If you want to absolute best though, in New England prep and Americana, then you MUST get to Bobby From Boston. This place is incredible. Without a doubt the best store, of any kind, in Boston or Cambridge. Check out this documentary on Bobby and his shop. There are some fantastic shots of the space while Bobby discusses the feeling that I share on treasure hunting. It really is the best feeling ever. 

I'm building my Northeast/Mediterranean wardrobe before departing New England and America. Right now I'm after some good boat shoes and smart, summery, slightly sheer button up shirts. For days on the yacht, you know! oooo Greece! I'm taking my new old clothes with me on a terrific voyage.

Our Yacht, Galileo, sailing through the Cyclades.
Get excited perfect and beautiful striped shirt made in Italy found languishing at the Goodwill.
Soon you'll be sunbathing on this deck. 
Stopping in Delos: The Terrace of the Lions, 600 BCE, where I'll be wearing you, fetching white linen dress with bronze details and pockets! from the Garment District.

I'm pretty aggressive when thrifting which is probably one of the reasons I like doing it so much. The hunt! Once in high school I stalked someone through the Salvation Army for hours after I spotted a gold leather skirt in her arms. Anyway there was no way that girl could work the skirt as well as I could and so it was mine! No, I didn't knock her over the head and run off. I simply waited for her to try it on and realize what I already knew. It was meant for someone else. Me. I loved it and took it on many adventures (ok, at least all over Watertown). I've since put it back into the donation bin. Where is it now? Maybe it'll resurface one day, a relic in some thrift shop. I'd buy it again.

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