Colby-Sawyer College and Me!

Old news by now, but I have taken a position at Colby-Sawyer College in New London, New Hampshire: Adjunct Instructor "Professor" of Art History! Professor Teich please.

The campus is stunning: you can see mountains and lakes, the library is comprised of barns and silos, and the Arts Center, where my classroom is, is so mid-century cool (I'm right in between the art studios, the art gallery and the costume shop). It's the dream spot for me! Maybe I can work my way into the costume area while I'm here...

Susan Colgate Cleveland Library
My new library!
The woodsy scent stimulates the brain.
However, it is 90 miles from my current home...which means for my birthday this year I am wishing for a navy blue diesel Mercedes. Which I then need to learn how to drive for long periods of time, in New England. I'm not sure which is the bigger challenge, my first post-grad teaching job or learning how to become a serial long distance driver (hey I've lived in cities my entire adult life)! Anyway, I am very excited and nervous about this opportunity! I'm already plotting my course two months in advance!

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