Mid Semester Scenarios

It's time to descend into the piles of books (only 29 this semester!). I have a rough draft due in...nevermind. The object of inquiry is an Armenian folio that has no previous scholarship. No state of the literature. It's all up to me. Next to Cambridge, in Watertown, we are lucky to have an Armenian Library and Museum (ALMA). This is where several pages (including mine) from what may have been a Gospel Book were donated. Watertown, or as I like to call it, Armenia, is also the second largest Armenian community in America. One of my favorite things about going for a visit is checking out the food shops. The best feta cheese and other Middle Eastern treats.

I am excited to get into this, my last project here at Tufts. In addition to my research this semester, I am working with our Africanist as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. For their first paper, many of the students have chosen to write on masks. I especially like this one: a 19th or 20th century Mukudj Mask from Gabon.

Today I graded fifteen papers and submitted a proposal for a conference that takes place in Spain, close to where my beloved Ripoll stands! Productive, exhilarating day. It would be just fantastic if I were to receive an offer to present. It's a long shot, I know, and the first of many.

Thrilling, nonetheless.

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