We look so little in our "first day of school" pictures!

Somehow, every day is a new celebration. Despite the unstinting rain and extended plague-like symptoms, spirits are high as we move together toward the ceremonial event. Papers have been turned in, caps, gowns, and special Masters regalia have been purchased and looked at with perplexity. How does the hood work? There are intricate instructions. And you are not to cock your mortar board! Parties at Professor's, colleagues, and friends, small moments of pride, unity, and joy have taken over the stressful penultimate conclusion of the program.

At one point last night, at a party given by our charmingly garrulous Methods Professor, we stood in a circle to hear a toast. It was a moving moment (ok, maybe the wine had warmed me up a bit as well!). But, it seemed to be a significant marker. We entered this program as a unit in our Methods class, with its Munchkins invariably set in the center of the seminar table, making first impressions, and now we have closed the circle, meeting again, but transformed.


MFA Boston Acquires The Clock by Christian Marclay

There were long lines when artist Christian Marclay’s latest creation, a 24-hour film, “The Clock,’’ showed in New York and London (which is why I missed out on the experience). But today, the Museum of Fine Arts will announce plans to bring this masterpiece to Boston. Check out the article from the Boston Globe here.


Kismet! Now all I have to do is make sure I'm in the Boston area on September 17th and 18th. 
Boston and all East Coast people: this is an absolute must see!!
See post below or follow link to see a short clip.